Alnico Magnets Manufacturing by Alnico Magnet Supplier

Alnico magnets are one of the most commonly used rare earth magnets. In different sorts of industrial applications, alnico magnets prove to be highly useful. Also, the properties of alnico magnets prove to be extremely beneficial. The application might be small or huge, but alnico magnets will amazingly solve the problem.

The different types of alnico magnets have also been proved beneficial. This is why it is suggested to purchase alnico magnets only from the leading suppliers and manufacturers. We have got two broad categories in Alnico magnets which can be accordingly made use of.

Alnico Magnets Types:

These are cast alnico magnets and sintered alnico magnets. With the leading alnico magnet supplier like China High itech, you will get these different types in Alnico magnets. There also lies a proper manufacturing process of the same.

The applications and uses of both types of alnico magnets are distinct. Alnico magnet manufacturers say that both these types of alnico magnets are very useful hence their manufacturing should be properly taken care of.

The difference between the two types is major of the mechanical and magnetic strength. This sets a different set of applications for both these magnets. And, the best part is that when one buys alnico magnets online both these types are available online. Hence, sitting in your home you can buy these magnets for your industry.

Casting Manufacturing Process:

For the cast alnico magnets manufacturing the metal alloy is first moulded. After the proper shape is achieved it is taken through the other manufacturing stages that include solidifying, grinding followed by cooling treatment.

After the cooling treatmen, the metal is once again exposed to heat to give the final shape. And, after then when the metal comes to normal temperature it is put to the demagnetization process.

The final product is usually shiny or dark grey. It possesses incredible magnetic properties says leading alnico magnets suppliers which get used in a wide range of applications.

Sintering Manufacturing Process:

This manufacturing process is quite unique and different. In this process, the alnico powder is taken which is processed to be more compact as said by alnico magnets manufacturers. This is why the manufacturing of the sintered alnico magnet is also known as powder metallurgy process.

Because from this powder later on the alnico magnet is made. This manufacturing process makes the alnico magnets quite strong mechanically. The magnetic properties of these magnets are weak as compared to cast alnico magnets but their great mechanical strength make them useful for a number of purposes says leading alnico magnets manufacturers.

Hence, when one buys alnico magnet online, the thought should be clear about each type of magnet in order to ensure that the perfect purchase is made for your industry.

This was all about the manufacturing process of sintered alnico magnets and cast alnico magnets. We hope that you would have liked this content. Hence, stay connected and make the perfect purchase of alnico magnets for your industry.

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