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When it comes to finding a right magnet for your industrial applications and product processes, you need a magnet that has some exceptional magnetic properties and serves the core purpose. When you are looking for such magnets, you should think about rare earth magnets as they have some brilliant magnetic properties and they hold their properties for a longer period of time. Well, we will discuss here about one of the two rare earth magnet and that are Neodymium magnet.

Neodymium magnet are unique rare earth magnet that are permanent magnets and are made from neodymium alloy, boron and iron and these three materials makes a tetragonal crystalline structure. The main property of these magnets is that they can retain their magnetic properties for a longer period of time and in different words, they create a magnetic field surrounding them constantly.

When you want to make products that require high strength and power, neodymium magnets is the best choice for you and these superior magnetic properties helped them to replace other types of magnets in the making of different products.

Ndfeb magnet is used in the making of many household and industrial products where strong and constant magnetic fields are required. You can find neodymium magnets in different products like cordless tools as motors, fasteners, musical instruments and hard disk drives. It is also used in medical sector to reduce the pain. The magno-therapy used by the medical practitioners reduces pain in the patients and it has shown some superlative results too.

At China High Itech, we will cater all your custom requirements about neodymium magnets and all you need to do is to place your order and we will offer high quality neodymium magnets that can be used in different industrial and product making applications.

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Neodymium Magnet

One of the highest used rare earth magnets, neodymium magnets have multiple usages and you can find them in many applications including high performance motors, brushless DC motors, magnetic separation, magnetic resonance imaging, sensors and loudspeakers.

As per the sizes and shapes and the alignment direction, the magnetic properties of the Ndfeb magnet may vary and you can manufacture customized rare earth magnet as per your specifications and you will have them.

The confusion may arise whether to use neodymium magnet or samarium cobalt magnet. It solely depends on the temperature of the process where this magnet is going to use. If the temperature is very high, you need to use Smco magnets and if the temperature is low, you can use Neodymium magnets.

Also, another drawback of this rare earth magnet is its low corrosion resistance and hence you need to coat the outer surface of the magnets to prevent corrosion there especially during humid applications. Different types of coatings are liquid dip epoxy coating, dry electrostatic spray epoxy, nickel plating and combinations of these plating are used.

As per your requirements, the neodymium magnets are manufactured via a powder metallurgy process. In the process, with the help of raw materials, the alloy composition is melted and crushed into a coarse powder. Then, it is finely milled, compaction pressed and sintered and the neodymium magnets are ready. You can get shapes and sizes and grades as per your industrial requirements.

Place your order with China High Itech and we will take care of your custom requirements.

Rare Earth Magnets

When it comes to strong magnetic properties that are essential for many industrial processes and applications, rare earth magnets are the strongest candidate other than other magnets. The rare earth magnets are called rare earth magnets as they are made from alloys of rare earth elements like lanthanide series or scandium and yttrium.

These magnets are developed in the 1970s and 80s and are one of the finest and strongest magnets that are best for industrial processes and product assemblies as they offer constant magnetic field surrounding them and hold magnetic properties for a longer period of time. They produce stronger magnetic fields than other magnets like ferrite magnets and alnico magnets. The magnetic field exceeds beyond 1.4 tesla it is quite stronger.

There are two types of rare earth magnets: samarium cobalt magnets and neodymium magnets. These rare earth magnets are brittle in nature and also vulnerable to corrosion. Generally, they are plated or coated so that breaking and chipping can be prevented.

When the temperature is so high in the industrial processes, NdFeb magnets are not preferred as these magnets lose their magnetic properties as temperature goes high. However, samarium cobalt magnets can be preferred when the temperature is high up to 600 degree Celsius.

The greater strength of the rare earth magnet is due to its crystalline structure that has excellent magnetic anisotropy. The material magnetizes along a crystal axis.

The corrosion resistance of smco magnets is high and hence, they don’t require any coating on their surface.

Ndfeb magnet

NdFeB magnet is also called neodymium iron boron magnet or neo magnet and generally used in many industrial applications due to excellent strength and strong magnetic properties it holds. These magnets are rare earth magnets and founded in the 1980s and they are used in industrial motors, loudspeakers and other musical instruments too.

They are available in different sizes, shapes and grades and we at China High Itech, offer a wide range of Ndfeb magnets at best price in the market.

Temperature resistance

When it comes to temperature resistance, the Curie temperature for a neodymium magnet is 310 degrees, but as the temperature goes beyond that, the magnetic properties will start decreasing.

Corrosion resistance

Another drawback of these magnets is low corrosion resistance and if you want to make them corrosion preventive, you need to coat them with different plating and coating materials.

These magnets are used in iron industry to pick up the iron particles from the dust and also used as magnetic separators. Furthermore, in the medical field, they are used in different types of magnotherapies too. Some medical devices like shoe insertions, blankets and bracelets are used with these magnets. These magnets stabilize the iron content and haemoglobin in the blood.

In household items, Ndfeb magnets are used in drawer closures, fixing furniture and hanging pictures. Also, you can use these magnets in cleaning refrigerators, washing machines and fish tanks.

No matter how complex your magnet requirements are, we will make sure that your requirements are fulfilled with utmost perfection.

Medical industry uses

The neodymium magnets are used extensively for magno-therapy by medical practitioners and physiotherapists to reduce pain. They are also sold as medical devices to wear as shoe insertions, blankets and bracelets. They stabilize iron content and haemoglobin content in blood. They are also used in dentures as to hold them together and in other corrective devices.

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Sintered NdFeB (Neodymium Iron Boron) Magnet

We mainly produced sintered NdFeB because it is the one widely used in many fields. The coercive force of Sintered NdFeB is very high and its Bhmax is about ten times of that of Ferrite magnet. As its fairly good mechanical properties, it can be processed into many different shapes or with various holes. Some of its products with high-performance can work under the situation up to 200℃. However, it is easy to be rusted for its elements. Therefore we should make surface treatment in accord with different requirements, such as zinc-coated, Nickel-coated, Ag- coated, Au-coated,Epoxy-coated etc.

At present we can manufacture the sintered NdFeB in a range from N35-N52,30M-50M,30H-48H,30SH-45SH,28UH-40UH, 28EH-38EH. And we can realize different shapes such as disc magnets, ring magnets, rectangle magnets, arc segment magnets and some other special shaped magnets. Some times we would help customers to design the shape of the magnet.

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Advantages of Sintered Neodymium Magnet

1. Thermostability

Magnetic properties of NdFeB deteriorate rapidly above about 130 Centigrade, depending on the grade of material, and the permeance coefficient of the magnet in operation. The higher the permeance coefficient the magnet operates at, the higher the temperature it will withstand. High Hci NdFeB materials operating at a high permeance coefficient can operate to about 210 Centigrade. Shapes, Sizes, and Grades Available Isotropic bonded NdFeB can be specially formulated to meet special requirements, with energy products from 1 to 10MGOe, as required.

2. Largest Magnetic Force

Br of Neodymium magnets are much more than 11,000 Gauss. Therefore, Neodymium magnets have strong holding strength on metal surface and could be used as component for holding, separating, etc.

Neodymium magnets must be carefully handled to avoid personal injury and material damage due to its extremely magnetic strength and brittle property.

3. Surface Treatment

Neodymium Magnets are sensitive to temperature change and even lose magnet properties. They are easily corrupted in humid environment.

Surface protection is strongly recommended, such as plating, varnishing and encapsulating.

Surface Protection and Coatings

Magnetic Property of Sintered Nedoymium Magnet


  • The data above are tested at 20ºC.
  • The maximum working temperature for a given magnet could be less due to the ratio of length and diameter of the magnet, the structure of its assembly with steel parts and environmental factors.
  • A strong external adverse magnetic field, shock, vibration and elctro-magnetic field can result in partial demagnetization.

Bonded Neodymium Magnets

Bonded Neodymium magnets are composed of Neodymium, Iron, Boron and binder. Bonded Neodymium magnets are manufactured by compression molding or injection molding. Compression bonded Neodymium magnets have higher energy products and simpler shapes than injection bonded Neodymium magnets. There are both isotropic and anisotropic bonded Neodymium magnets.

Magnetic property of Boded Neodymium magnets: High Energy Products. Very high resistance to demagnetization. Low operating temperature (under 80 to 150°C). For details, see the table of Bonded Neodymium Magnetic property.

Oxidation to Bonded Neodymium magnets: Easy to be oxidized at its surface in wet air. Normally, they are plated with lacquer or Nickel.

Physical property of Bonded Neodymium magnets: Dark gray in color. Hard and brittle. Density of Neo is .22Lb/in3 (6.1g/cm3).

Tolerance of Bonded Neodymium magnets: Unless otherwise specified, tolerance on dimension of magnetization is ±.005”. Other dimensions are ±1.5% or ±.010”, whichever is greater.

Handling Bonded Neodymium magnets: Must be careful to avoid personal injury and material damage due to its extremely magnetic strength and brittle property.

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Compression Molding Bonded NdFeB

Compression - this is a technique whereby a special form of NdFeB powder is blended with a plastic carrier material, die pressed and then heated. Parts made in this way can be of complex shapes and come off the tool with close tolerances, requiring no further finish machining.

Injection Molding Bonded NdFeB

Injection - NdFeB powder is blended with a plastic material and injection molded. The resulting parts have energy products in the 5 MGOe range, but can be made with extremely intricate shapes. Injection molded magnets are available using ferrite, neodymium-iron-boron, or blends of magnetic materials to achieve an extensive range of properties. The finished parts can be either very simple or complex in geometry. The injection molded magnet has a high mechanical strength and may be molded together with other matching parts.

1. Performance Parameters of Compression Molding Bonded NdFeB

  • All parameters are from our test of our products.
  • The Parameter is relative to the size and shape of the magnet. The parameter should be referred to actual product.

2. Performance Parameters of Compression Molding Bonded NdFeB

  • All parameters are from our test of our products.
  • The Parameter is relative to the size and shape of the magnet. The parameter should be referred to actual product.