Magnetic Applications in Plastic Industry: By Industrial Magnet Suppliers

Magnets possess an amazing feature of attracting other elements. This is what makes them of great use in different industries. The same in the case with the plastic industry. During the plastic manufacturing different contaminants and impurities come into the picture.

And, it is important to get rid of these contaminations. And, this is where magnets come into the picture. The raw materials that are involved in plastic manufacturing first must be cleaned. The more pure and free from impurities the raw materials are the better will be the quality of plastic.

And, when it comes to contaminated article separation the perfect element is the magnets. Industrial magnet suppliers manufacture different kinds of devices which help in this cleaning process for raw materials of plastic.

So, let us hear from the leading industrial magnet manufacturers how different devices helped in this cleaning process in the plastic industry. Let us have a look:

Induced Roll Magnet Separators:

As the name suggests this magnet separator has a roll like structure which helps in easy cleaning of the raw materials. In this process, the material that is suspected to be contaminated from magnetic particles is passed through the roller.

Then the particles that are magnetic gets attached to the roller and the raw material becomes free from the impurities and is passed to the other end. Usually, a vibratory feeder or a hopper whose speed can be easily controlled is used for feeding the magnet in the roller separator.

For manufacturing the roller the best quality industrial magnet is used so that even the smallest impurity stick to it and make the raw material free from any kind of impurity.

Disc Separators:

In this machine what controls the cleaning of the raw material is the rotating movement of the disc. Similar to the induced roll magnet separators the raw material is fed through a hopper. The rotating movement of disc attracts magnetic materials towards itself.

For this purpose, the disc is manufactured by the best industrial magnet China manufactured by leading industrial magnet suppliers. The impurities are then discharged and the clean raw material comes out.

This is how the disc separator works as explained by the top industrial magnet manufacturers.

Rare Earth Roll Separators:

This is a high-intensity separator as it involves the use of heavy rare earth magnets as its name says. In this separator neodymium and alnico magnets are used which are quite strong and powerful.

And, so is the working and functioning of this industrial magnet rare earth roll separator says leading industrial magnet manufacturers. The speciality of this magnet separator is that it holds the capability of attracting both paramagnetic and ferromagnetic materials.

Hence, even in the plastic industry magnets are of great use and importance. All these separators are manufactured using the best of magnets utilizing their features. Despite this industry in other industries as well magnets prove highly useful. If you want to know more in this reference please stay connected.

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