5 Advantages And Properties Of SMCO Magnets

Smco magnets are one of the most used magnets in industrial applications where temperature goes too high. This is the only rare earth magnet that can withstand high temperature and that is the reason they are most preferred magnets among others. Also, they are corrosion resistant and you don’t need to coat their surfaces with coating and that is something beneficial to you too. Here is a list of advantages and properties of smco magnet that you need to learn. Let’s start:

Advantages You Don’t Know:

High magnetic properties

One of the most excellent advantages of the smco magnets is that they have some exceptional magnetic properties and these properties stay with them for a longer period time. When other magnets lose their magnetic properties when exposed to high temperature, smco magnets hold their magnetic properties well and the application in which this magnet is used, will function for a longer period of time.

Suitable for high temperature

It is another advantage of smco magnets that works in their favour. When applications like electric motors and other mechanical processes where the temperature goes too high, most of the magnets including neodymium magnets will start losing their magnetic properties and it is not a good situation to appreciate. Slowly, the application will start diminishing and that is the problem you need to address. The temperature resistance of asmco magnet is excellent and it will keep their magnetic properties for a longer period of time. It is a quality that is needed in applications and that is the reason this rare earth magnet is used in most of the applications.

High corrosion resistance

When you use other magnets, you need to coat their surfaces to prevent corrosion or the surface will deteriorate faster. In a smco magnet, the corrosion resistance is very high and you don’t need to go for surface treatment for the magnets. They will prevent rusts on the surfaces for the longer period of time and the application will keep functioning for a longer period of time.

Different shapes available

Also, thanks to the technology, you can shape the smco magnets as per your industrial application needs. It is something that you are looking for, isn’t it? You can shape your smco magnet as per your requirements and it is something that is preferred in industrial applications.

Can be used for a variety of applications:

Nowadays, across the globe, the acceptance of the smco magnets are preferred and used in a variety of industrial applications and production processes due to its sheer properties that are friendly in nature. When you are looking for a magnet that can hold their magnetic properties for a longer period of time. These magnets will help you out for sure. All you need to do is to order for such magnets and that is all.


Smco magnets have excellent strength and their crystalline structures are only focused on magnetizing particles in just one direction. This property helps smco magnets to hold their magnetic properties for a longer period of time and it extends their lives for a long time.

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