Comparison Between Neodymium Magnets And Samarium Cobalt Magnets

The magnets used in different kinds of products like CD, DVD, speakers, motors, actuators and other important electronic gadgets are rare earth magnets and due to their excellent and strong magnetic properties, they are used in industrial applications compared to ferrite magnets. The two most preferred strong magnets are Neodymium magnets and Samarium Cobalt magnets and generally these two magnets are used in almost all the industrial applications where magnetic properties to be hold for a longer period of time.

When you think about a strong magnet, these two magnets are names you should remember and here, we have described some of the comparisons and differences between these two magnets.

External surface treatment:

Generally, rare earth magnets are corrosive and require external coating to prevent corrosion. Here, samarium cobalt magnets have high corrosion resistance and you don’t need to go for external surface treatment for the same. At the same time, when you are using Neodymium magnets, you will need to coat them as their corrosion resistant is very low. They are more brittle than SmCo magnets and that is the reason, SmCo magnets are more preferred in industrial applications where corrosion resistance is required.


A strong magnet comparison cannot be completed without temperature comparison and here, we will go for the same. the temperature resistance is higher in SmCo magnets compared to neodymium magnets and it is one of the most powerful properties in SmCo magnets. When exposed to high temperature, neodymium magnets will surely going to lose their magnetic properties and hence, there are chances to catch fire in the industrial premises. In industrial applications where temperature is very high, SmCo magnets are more preferred than neodymium magnets.


Compared to neodymium magnets, SmCo magnets are more expensive and the usage of these magnets are restricted to some of the applications solely due to this. Compared to smco magnets, neodymium magnets are used more frequently as they are less expensive.


SmCo magnets were founded in 1970s and were more popular though they were expensive. There were no other important magnets to replace them and hence, they were used in almost all the applications. Precisely a decade later, neodymium magnets were invented and manufacturers started using them in place of SmCo magnets due to cost differences.


When it comes to usage of these two strong magnets, both are preferred in industrial applications, but the use of SmCo magnets is limited due to their varied magnetic properties and high cost. However, neodymium magnets are mostly used in different industrial applications like refrigerators, CD, DVD, motors and many other applications. SmCo magnets are used in industrial applications where you require high magnetic field at high temperature. Neodymium magnets are preferred when high temperature resistance does not require.

However, though there are many noticeable differences in usages and properties of these two strong magnets, we need to understand that these two magnets are most preferred compared to ferrite and horseshoe magnets. Most of the market is covered by these two magnets.

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