Neodymium Magnets And Their 6 Uses You Must Know!

There are many industrial applications where magnets are used and some applications literally cannot function without magnets. Especially, Neodymium magnets are mostly used rare earth diamonds and renowned for its excellent magnetic properties. It is made from neodymium alloy, boron and iron and together they form tetragonal crystalline structure. It is preferred by the users due to its magnetic properties that stay with the magnet for a longer period of time and generate a magnetic field from their environs.

When you are making any types of products and want to increase the strength of the products, you can use Neodymium Magnet as it offers superior strength to the product and has replaced all other magnets that were used by the manufacturers in industrial applications. There are many products where you will find magnets like motors, fasteners and disk drives too. There are many industries where Neodymium magnets are used and some of them are listed below:

Medical industry:

You must have heard about magnotherapy by the doctors to reduce the effects of pain and it is one of the most used therapies to reduce joint pains and muscle pains. Magnets are also used to wear as blankets, bracelets and insertions. The reason is that magnets help to control the iron content and hemoglobin content in blood and used as dentures too to hold all the teeth together. It has many other medical uses too.

Iron industry:

When weaker magnets fail to lift the huge iron materials from iron dust, Rare Earth magnet like Neodymium magnet is used in iron industries and it offers superior results for sure. In giant thermodynamic and engineering industries, the magnets are used as magnetic separators.


You must have seen magnets in your door and drawer closures and furniture fixing. These magnets are neodymium magnets and are widely used in household items. Furthermore, If you wish to clean your washing machine, ovens and other electronic appliances, you can use these magnets.

Jewellery industry:

If you are scared of piercing the skin to wear jewellery, you can easily opt for magnetic jewellery where your skin will be attached to the jewel and it holds jewellery pieces. You can find such jewellery on many online portals and they look beautiful and charming.

Motor industry:

NdFeB magnet is largely used in the motor industry and you will find many industrial products that are made from these neodymium magnets like electric motors, generators, ball bearing, wheels, magnetically attached pumps and many others. in bearings, when you are looking for a relative motion with low friction at very high speed, these magnets are used. Furthermore, these magnets are used in anti lock breaking system sensors.

Entertainment industry:

Don’t look shocked when I say you that these magnets are used in most of the speakers, microphones, headphones and other devices. You will find magnets in all these electronic equipments.

There are many other uses of these magnets. For example, they are used in hard disk drives, MRI scanners, print finishing and many others. In door catches too, these magnets are used. In restaurants, these magnets help to hold the point of sales displays.

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